(Almost) Every guest vocal spot in Fall Out Boy history.

In order:

Thriller- Jay Z

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago - Justin Pierre

Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - William Beckett

7 Minutes in Heaven - Brendon Urie

I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy.. - Chad Gilbert

You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave - Butch Walker

20 Dollar Nose Bleed- Brendon Urie

Tiffany Blews- Lil Wayne

Rat a Tat - Courtney Love

Just One Yesterday - Foxes

Save Rock and Roll - Elton John

Mighty Fall - Big Sean

What a Catch Donnie - Elvis Costello, Gabe Saporta, Travis McCoy, Brendon Urie, Doug Neumann, Alex DeLeon, William Beckett